This little Jefy x Illy daughter, Christel, will be ready to go home in July. She is amazingly intelligent and very engaging at her current age of 6 weeks old. She is a perfect representative of her parents and other ancestors. We have several of this puppies older siblings in the U.S. and the common report from their owners: "The best dog I have ever had". Most of these owners are experienced GSD people that have had great dogs in the past.

Jefy is titled: ZVV3, ZMT, BH-VT, SPr1, FPr3, IGP-V, IGP 3, ZPS1, T.A.R.T. 1, IFH-V, IFH 1.  Shown: Vyborny (Excellent). Breed Survey: 1st Class 5JVQ1/P. Hips/Elbows: 0/0 (Good-Excellent), DM: N/N (DM Clear). DNA on file. Jefy is the epitome of good health and versatility. Tom Brady has nothing on Jefy!!

illy is tirtled Zvv1, BH-VT. Shown: Velmi Dobry (Very Good). Breed Survey: 1st Class 5JV1/P. Hips/ Elbows: 0/0 (Good-Excellent). Dm: N/N (DM Clear). DNA on file. illy is a Zako-Max daughter and a sister to our JoJo. We have had great health along with superlative temperaments with illy's siblings and offspring.

This is an exceptional opportunity for a lucky family or individual.

Christel will be one of the very last puppies allowed to enter the United States before August 1, 2024. Per new U.S. government rules, puppies of any breed and mixes will not be allowed entry to the U.S. until they are 6 months old after August 1, 2024. This rule has no exceptions and applies to businesses, private citizens and government agencies. 

Send us a message to learn more about this puppy, her parents, other relatives and to bring this little girl home!

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