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EuroHund is a small, family inclusive, highly experienced German Shepherd breeder and all breed trainer located in beautiful Franconia, New Hampshire. We also have a select group of trusted breeders and trainers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany that we work with. These are friends, partners and colleagues that breed and maintain the types of German Shepherds that EuroHund also breeds. 

Our kennel, von Erz Hugel, offers exceptional German Shepherd puppies of select European bloodlines known for producing Search & Rescue Dogs, Police/Military Dogs, Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Family/Personal companions and highly capable but very stable protection dogs .

We breed for sound temperament, excellent health, keen intelligence, family/handler compatibility and versatility. Our puppies make outstanding working dog and sport prospects. They are also unsurpassed family and personal companions.

I have been training (all breeds), importing and breeding since 1995.

Starting out as a trainer in the Boston area was a great way to gain experience with dogs and their people from all walks of life. I have trained thousands of dogs of various breeds and mixes. I have trained dogs at their homes, in public parks, my commercial kennel and also as a contract trainer for other kennels in the Boston area. Most importantly I have worked with hundreds of families directly to train and modify the behavior of their canine companions. From improving quality of life to saving the life of many dogs, my flexible training approach has never failed a committed owner.

Difficult and aggressive dogs are my specialty.

As a young man with nothing to anchor me down, I traveled extensively to train with and observe others throughout the U.S. and Canada. I consider myself lucky to have had the freedom and means to do this.

Being in the White Mountains allows us and the dogs to enjoy the freedom, safety and absolute beauty the area offers. We think it is the perfect place to raise our human/canine family and offer training.